Protecting from moisture

Plastic vent for shrink wrapping
Jun 29

Protecting from moisture

Shrink wrap is the best way to protect many items from the elements. While shrink wrapping is a pretty straight-forward process, sometimes you have to take an extra step to maximize the protection. If you are shrink wrapping an item that is susceptible to corrosion or other moisture damage, you have to make sure to plan for that extra moisture. We offer a perfect solution – plastic vents.

When installed on the shrink wrapped item, the plastic vent allows that moisture to escape, further protecting your item from corrosion. Our vents are all self-adhesive, so once you carefully cut out a section of your shrink wrap, you simply peel-and-stick the vent on that cutout. It’s a simple way to make sure your item stays safe and dry. Check out our vents here.

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